Sunday, November 19, 2017

All Packed!

Finished packing up the car today, hopefully I will be coming back here in a few months, so I'm just taking important documents re our life in Australia, the UK and Spain, clothes, doggie coats, blankets and beds etc. Also packed all the electronic gadgets and chargers.

I have actually surprised myself with my organisational skills as you can imagine my head wasn't in a good place.

The vet was incredibly helpful and opened on Saturday morning so I could take Sammie up there to get his stitches out plus sort out the pet passports for their return to the UK, she charged me 6 euros!!

I got another friend to translate the medical report into English so the the UK Dr's can read it.

Sorting out the transfer of insurance from Bupa Spain to Bupa UK took me a couple of hours on the phone but we managed it in the end, the stumbling block was that you have to have 2 years continuous insurance with Bupa Spain before Bupa UK will accept it, but I used to be in Bupa Australia for 16 years and transferred that to Spain, so once I found the transfer papers for that we were sorted as I could prove that I had over two years continuous health care with Bupa, they wont insure you if there is a break in insurance of one day!

Health wise  I'm feeling great, the headaches and noises in my head have eased off a lot. I'm really hoping that's a good sign.

  The signs of a brain tumour are....

Severe persistent headaches, seizures (fits) Nausea, vomiting, weakness or paralysis of different parts of your body, vision or speech problems etc

I have had headaches, but not severe and only for 15 minutes, a feeling of pressure in my head and very loud tinnitus.

But the scan doesn't lie, even I can see it with my untrained eye.

Meanwhile back in the UK my brother, and his wife Tracy, have completely decorated my room, had new carpet laid with the help of a friend, and bought me a new bed. I feel so lucky to have a lovely family.

Its been a bit hard here saying goodbye to friends.

This one was really hard as she has been my biggest help in Mojacar bar none, she a a most beautiful lady inside and out, she left for a short holiday back to her hometown in Holland this morning so yesterday was our  see you later moment. 

Then Australia got flogged in the rugby, but the mighty Man Utd had a great win later.

I will say a goodbye to the rest of my friends down here on Tuesday night, it will be a early doors in the pub, I dont want a late night as we will be off at sparrows the next morning.

Its also going to be very hard saying goodbye to this view and my lovely villa but hopefully it wont be for too long.

Finally thank you for the king words, offers of houses to stay in and  boats to live on.  It really does mean so much and does lift my spirits.

I really do love yous all xxxxxx 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tumour Update

Its a bloody big tumour, but without going into all the details I now have to go to a neurosurgeon to sort out all sorts of tests to find out if its operable, is it benign or malignant is it a primary or secondary cancer.

The big problem is that Mojacar as lovely as it is is in the middle of nowhere so I would have to travel to a Major city which would mean  hotels, dogs in kennels and most importantly the language barrier would be horrendous especially with someone poking around in my bonce.

Sooooo  Im going back to the UK, I can transfer my medical insurance with Sanitas back to BUPA in the UK so I wont be a burden on the NHS.

Its all happening very quickly, my brother is flying out next Tuesday  so we will jump in the Jaguar and head back next Wednesday.

I will just shutdown the villa and hope that one day I will return to this lovely part of the world.

I have also contacted the real estate chappie back in Oz to put the place on the market, once again Im never going back there so why keep it.  I will then decide on whether to buy somewhere in the UK.

Its all very surreal but at least I know what I'm up against and it will be so much easier in the UK.

Thanks for all the kind words xxxx

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Didnt See That Bastard Coming !

As I mentioned in the last post I was going to see a neurologist as I was having headaches and other strange things going on in my head...more than normal lol.

I had a brain scan yesterday and then you usually wait a few days to go back and get the results, I received a phone call a couple of hours later to ask if I was still in the area (The hospital is about 80ks away) I said no Im home. They were looking at the scan and said I had a brain tumour ! They told me to come back on Wednesday, dont drive and bring some emotional support as its not going to be good. 

All will be revealed tomorrow (Wednesday)

As the title says, I didn't see that bastard coming !

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A New Post !!!

Its been ages since I wrote up a  post, I'm busy everyday but nothing exciting like when we were travelling.

The Jolly  Green Giant is back in Mojacar, he comes down two or three times a year.  Its an 8WD , converted rocket launcher, the owner  owns a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland , he's a friendly chap, it does a Max of 8 MPG!

Hes not short of a few bob so running costs aren't a problem.

The customs and rescue boats have been busy racing out to rescue refugees coming across from Africa.

It was the lovely Eva's 21st birthday so I took her to a nice beach bar where we had a very long lunch and cocktails. 

This young girl has done so much for me to drag me out of my dark days, which thankfully seem to be well and truly over. 

She is an amazingly mature 21 year old, I owe her big time. 

The weather is absolutely fantastic, still quite hot in the day but much cooler over night. 

Healthwise, I still have strange things going on in my head.

I have stopped drinking for the last three weeks (Apart from cocktail) 

I have cut out coffee and am eating much better.

I have been to the Dr a few times but the strange attacks are still happening so i'm off to see  a Neurologist on 3rd November.

Its a private hospital about one hours drive down the coast, elaine went there a few times, but at least i'm insured so the costs will be zero.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Beach Bar Is Trucked Away

Today was the day my favourite beach bar was taken off the beach as it was the end of the season.  It was quite sad seeing it being trucked away, by the time I walked down there they were on the last container, the other two had been taken away earlier in the morning.  They will bring it all back again Late May.

The last shade umbrella.

Away she goes. 

The lovely view where I spent nearly every afternoon. 

Anika telling customers sorry we are closed today!

The last container strapped up. 


 And its gone.

Farewell Samoa Surf, see you next year.

The strange thing is that the weather is superb, its still hot and sea lovely and warm, but they have to be off the beach on the first week of October.

They remove absolutely everything off the beach, the shower water is turned off, the bins are removed and the wooden walkways taken up.

The good thing is that we can now walk the doggies on the beach again legally, although I took them down in the evening even in the summer.

Its as if someone has turned a switch off in Mojacar, its like a ghost town, I do like it like this though, it will be interesting spotting all the old friends from last year as they arrive for the winter.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Summer is Over.

My old boss from Sydney and his wife stayed in Mojacar for a couple of days, it was a good but short catch up and I am pleased to say he and his wife loved it. They are half way through a mega world tour.

My favourite beach bar (Samoa Surf) is all but gone for the season, tomorrow morning the crane and truck will arrive  and take away the three containers that make up the bar. They are stored up at Anikas and Martins house up in the hills behind Mojacar.

It will all be taken back down to the beach next May.

It really is a strange time of year, the weather is superb, the sea warm but all the major hotels have shut and a lot of bars are getting ready for their end of season parties.  The upside is that the beaches are deserted and there is no problem parking anywhere, although even in the middle of summer it isn't too bad.

The narrowboaters belonging to the MCC (Mojacar Canal Club) start to arrive in the next few days, there will be even more coming down this year, Im guessing 16-20 will be escaping the doom and gloom of the English winter.

Healthwise I went to see the Dr last Thursday, he ordered a blood test to which I have just received the results, I have an appointment with him tomorrow and hopefully he will have an idea of what is going on, all I know is that quite a few of the readings are highlighted and not within the parameters. If I use Mr Google I have heart disease, liver cancer, diabetes to  name but a few so I will wait for the expert translation of the figures. Im hoping for an infection with a course of antibiotics to sort it.  The Dr seems pretty good, most importantly he speaks good English.

The thing that scared Elaine more than anything last year was being in a hospital and not understanding what they are saying, they do supply translators but they cant be with you all the time. I am insured so that will keep the costs down. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Family Visit

I have my family visiting for the last week, Brother Russell his wife Tracy and my sister Jackie arrived last Wednesday morning and I took them back to the airport today.

It was a nice easy visit which is just as I like it, I have a spare car plus a spare scooter so I just hand over the keys and away they go.

They loved the beach and the my office (Beach Bar)

I generally met them down at the beach in the late arvo and then we all went out for dinner at night, I did cook one night!

I sold the motorbike last week as I just wasn't using it plus the scooter is a lot more fun and easy to go shopping in etc.

Im off to see the Dr on Thursday as I have some strange things going on in my head that I want to get checked out.  I really wouldnt worry if it was serious, I would be quite happy to meet up with Elaine again, as long as its quick!