Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bank Account

We left Kingfisher Marina this morning after another very restful night aboard Caxton....it's a very nice bed!
After a quick drive up the M1 and M6 and we arrived at Macclesfield, which is where Elaine's dad lives and where we are using as our address base.  We did say we wouldn't whinge about the weather but it really did change during the day - really, really cold and rainy - with snow in the forecast tomorrow ... bizarre after the 20 degrees temps last week !  Thank goodness for our Kathmandu bubble coats - they look ridiculous but they are totally warm!

Our first task was to set up a UK bank account; luckily Elaine still had an account open ... although it hadn't been used for 18 years !  We met a very nice girl in the bank who enabled us to set up our new bank account with ease - and even a few laughs !  They even let us bring the dogs into the office with us !

So - that's another box ticked - tomorrow we will tackle the doctor and the new driving licences !!

I just took the dogs for  a late night  walk around the streets of Macclesfield , its bloody freezing but they loved it, they are totally at home here.

Now off to bed to deal with our delayed jet lag - no nana naps were had today !!!


  1. I think now you're over here you need to adjust your Blogger time zone. This post says it was posted on Wednesday -- which hasn't even started here yet!

  2. Cheers Adam, we will have a look at that in the morning.

  3. Hi Paul and Elaine, really pleased you had a good journey over and have settled onto Caxton and the dogs and cats are ok. Looks like you had fun on your maiden voyage. Hope you are not too cold now the weather has turned.
    Looking forward to meeting up on the cut.

    Ali & John